Vayikra Values

What are they?

Worship – Getting close to God

  • The Hebrew word for sacrifice is Korban – קוֹרבָּן, which is also related to the English word for coming closer. Sacrifices were the way ancient people worshiped God. How do you think worship is connected to drawing closer and also to sacrifices?

Personal Responsibility

  • What do you think “taking responsibility” really means?


  • Look up the word “justice”. Then look up the word “fairness”. How are they the same? How are they different?
  • The Hebrew word – Tzedakah – is usually translated as “charity”. It actually is related to the word for “justice”. How is charity related to justice?
  • Have you ever heard of the phrase “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”? It is from the Torah, and is connected to the idea that the punishment should fit the crime. Do you think justice is all punishment, or is there something more to it?


Another view for you:

Parents and kids: Read this article together and discuss the questions below:

  • How do you express gratitude to you parents? To your friends? Is it different?
  • How would you thank God?