Torah For Today

(scenarios) What would you do?

  1. You play soccer. One of your teammates isn’t very good, and consistently misses goals and passes. Your team loses. How do you treat this particular team mate?
  2. You love chocolate! You find a bowl filled with Hershey Kisses that your mom left out for guests. No one is around. Should you take a few?
  3. You’ve insulted a friend of yours. How do you apologize?
  4. You were throwing a frisbee around and by accident broke a neighbor’s window. What do you do?


What Does This Parshah Mean to Me?

  1. Sacrifices were for specific purposes – they were ways to ask for forgiveness for bad deeds or sins. How do you take personal responsibility?
  2. This portion has a lot of rituals. What do you think the word “ritual” means? What purpose do rituals serve in your life?
  3. How do you observe the Day of Atonement?
  4. Why do you think what we eat would be connected to the idea of holiness?
  5. Do you need to dress up differently when you go to services? Why? Do you think it makes a difference?