Isaac & Rebecca


Torah portion: Chayai Sarah

Summary   Isaac (Yitzchak) and Rebecca (Rivka) at the well

Chayai Sarah means “the life of Sarah.” The Torah tells us that Sarah died when she was one hundred years and twenty years and seven years of age. She was a very beautiful lady. Avraham found a place to bury his beloved wife as soon as he could. Avraham realizes he is getting old and must find a wife for his son Isaac (Yitzchak). So, he sends his trusted servant Eliezer to Haran to find a wife.

Eliezer packs a lot of gifts and takes 10 camels and sets off for Haran. He isn’t sure how to find a wife, so he asks god for help.

If Eliezer asks a girl for water and she offers water for his camels too, then he will know it is the right girl for Isaac. She must be kind!

Soon Eliezer comes to a well and a beautiful girl runs toward him and offers him water.  She offers water to his 10 camels too! This is the right girl-it is meant to be!

The girl tells Eliezer her name, Rebecca, and offers to bring him home to her father’s tent to sleep. Eliezer tells Betuel ( her father) all that happened, and they agree that she will return to Canaan with Eliezer to marry Isaac.


The life of Sarah












Crossword puzzle:

What does the story teach us

  • In the Jewish religion, it is a mitzvah to bury our loved ones as soon as possible.
  • To always do acts of lovingkindness. This is called “Gemilut Chasadim.”
  • Rebecca ran to give water to Eliezer. She hurried to do a good deed.
  • Rebecca shows kindness to animals by giving the 10  camels water to drink.

To think about:

  • What did Avraham do immediately after his wife, Sarah, died?
  • Why does Avraham send Eliezer to Haran?
  • How will Eliezer know who is the right girl for Yitzchak (Isaac) to marry?
  • Does Rebecca agree to go to Haran?
  • What are some ways you can be kind like Rebecca?