Avraham & Sara


Torah portion: Vayera- Abraham and Sarah – Welcoming Guests

Vayera means “God appeared.” In this story Avraham and Sarah receive three guests in their tent. Inviting and welcoming guests is called “Hachnasat Orchim” in Hebrew. Avraham is known as a great host. Avraham is sitting outside his tent in the heat of the day. As he sees the three men in the distance, he runs to greet them and bows down to show them respect, even though he does not feel well.  He hurries toward them and makes them feel welcome in his tent.

He invites them in and asks Sarah to hurry and bake some cakes. Their names are Raphael, Michael and Gabriel. Each guest has a special mission to fulfill.  He also asks his servant to prepare some more food.

He first offered the guests food and water and invited them to sit in the shade under a tree. However, he served them cakes and a big dinner (meat) and even washed their feet! (What service!)  Avraham said a little but did a lot!

The men are actually messengers from God, and Raphael came to comfort and heal  Avraham as he did not feel well that day. Michael announces that Sarah will have a baby boy in a year. Sarah laughs when she hears this as she is almost 90 years old!  She thinks this is a joke. However, she does give birth to a baby boy within a year and they name him Yitzchak (Isaac) , which means “laughter” in Hebrew. Gabriel comes to announce that Sodom and Gemorrah will be destroyed.


God appeared







Welcoming guests







Crossword puzzle:

What does the story teach us:

  • It teaches us about visiting the sick (bikkur cholim).
  • The story teaches us about the mitzvah of how to welcome guests in our home.”Hachnasat Orchim.”
  • It teaches us to be respectful and kind to others.
  • Explain what it means to “SAY a little and DO a lot.”

Give examples of good deeds that we could do in our community.

To think about:


  • Who are the guests who visit Sarah and Avraham?
  • How can we make guests in our home feel comfortable?
  • Give some examples how Avraham showed hospitality toward his guests.
  • What is the baby’s name and what does his name mean?