Exodus 30:11-34:35

Exodus chapter 30, verse 11 to chapter 34, verse 35

Ki Tisa Values

What are they?


  1. What’s a covenant? How is it like a relationship?
  2. What covenants do you have in your life?
  3. What do you do to make sure these covenants are not broken?


  1. What do you think “taking responsibility” really means?
  2. If you hurt someone’s feelings, how do you try to “make it better”?
  3. What does the word “repentance” mean? How do you repent to another person? To God?
  4. Sometimes we hurt others, and sometimes they hurt us. What is the danger of bearing a grudge? What is forgiveness really mean?


  1. What is the definition of the word “faith”? How would you define it?
  2. What do you have faith in?
  3. What do you do to show that you have faith?


Another view for you:

Parents and kids: Read this article together and discuss the questions below: http://valuesandethics.org/rejuvenate-yourself-weekly/

  1. Do you think a day of rest each week is a good idea?
  2. How could you begin to bring sacred time each week into your life?
  3. What goals would you like to accomplish in special sacred time weekly?