Exodus 13:17-17:16

Exodus chapter 13, verse 17 to chapter17, verse 16

Torah For Today

(scenarios) What would you do?

  1. You have a good friend you like to chill with. The problem is that he always complains and sees the cup half empty, not full. How do you get him to change his perspective?
  2. You just joined the school soccer team, but you haven’t played in a game yet. You get a phone call from your coach telling you that she needs you to play goalie in tomorrow’s game. How do you feel? What do you do?


What Does This Parshah Mean to Me?

  1. How do you think Moses felt while the Israelites were complaining?
  2. The Israelites sang a song of praise after they crossed the Sea of Reeds. Go to Chapter 15 (verses 1 to 20) and read it. What is it saying? What are the themes that you can identify? Try writing it in your own words.