Deuteronomy 31:1-30

Deuteronomy chapter 30, verse 1 to verse 30

Torah For Today

(scenarios) What would you do?

  1. Your parents specifically tell you NOT to go to a specific movie.  You ignore them and sneak in with some of your friends. They find out and ground you for a month.  How do you feel? What do you learn from this experience?
  2. Think about something special that you do or know.  How do you teach someone else about this?


What Does This Parshah Mean to Me?

  1. Why do you think the people needed to hear the law read to them?
  2. Do you really think Moses was 120 years old?  What do you think this might teach us?
  3. God reminds the people that when they enter the land, they will start to disobey God’s laws.  Why do you think God said this?
  4. Why do you think the law was put into the Ark?
  5. What was the purpose of the poem that God commanded Moses to read?