taubenfeld-familyNat and Bea Taubenfeld are humble, generous tzadkikim.  They have been builders of the Jewish world in Caldwell, NJ, South Florida and Israel. They have donated Torahs, lead countless programs at home and in Israel to strengthen Judaism for our generation. They are most proud of their five children who have carried on their love of Torah, the land of Israel and synagogue life. This Torah is dedicated in memory of their son, David Taubenfeld z’l, who passed away in 2005.

David lived in Closter, NJ, with his wife, Felicia and their two children, Gabrielle and Gordon.  David was active in his community, particularly with Temple Emanu-el, the Berrie Home, and Gilda’s club where he often juggled for other cancer patients.

“In our lives, David is a presence every second of every day.  He is remembered for who he was and for all he did to make the world a better place.  We want a Torah that will be held and read and studied to commemorate who he was as a person and the legacy he left behind.  Eitz chayim hi l’machazikim ba – We hold fast to the Torah,” say Bea and Nat.

Thank you Nat, Bea and the entire Taubenfeld family for allowing Neshamah to be part of David’s legacy.  We will strive to honor his memory and to follow in your righteous footsteps as builders of our Jewish world.