What is Shabbat?

Our tradition describes Shabbat as royalty, the Queen of Days. Every week we have the opportunity to step out of the hurry of our everyday lives into the holiness of Shabbat. Our Torah describes that once G-d completed all of  creation in six days, He saw that it was very good. Then “God blessed the seventh day and declared it holy because on that day God stopped the work of creation.” Our tradition teaches us to stop working on the seventh day too. As God did, we look at what we have done to see if it is good.
On your birthday, birthday cards, songs and cake make you feel like royalty.
List 3 things that you can do to honor Shabbat  Explain why each item adds to the specialness of the day.
Write one reason why it is a privilege to observe Shabbat. Then give one reason why it may sometimes be a challenge to stop your daily activity to observe Shabbat?
  • When does Shabbat start and when does shabbat end?
  • We recite 3 blessings. Can you say them?
  1. Lighting of the candles – Hadlakat nerot
  2. Blessing over the wine – Kiddush
  3. The blessing over bread – Hamotzi
  • How do we say a peaceful shabbat in Hebrew?
Havdalah is the ceremony at the conclusion of Shabbat.