I hope you had fun making our first project: A “Shabbat Box”! The idea is from a story by Lesley Simpson called “The Shabbat Box” about a boy named Ira, who has waited fourteen long weeks for his turn to take home the special Shabbat Box from school. Nothing is going to stop him, not even a bad snowstorm he has to walk through. When Ira finally gets home, he reaches into his backpack for the box but it is gone! What can Ira do? Suddenly, an old shoe box gives him an idea…

Ira makes his own Shabbat Box and that is what we are doing too! What will be in our Shabbat Box? A challah cover, candlesticks, Kiddush cup, and challah.

Now, we need a “challah cover” in our Shabbat Box. Here are the instructions:


  • A cloth napkin (preferably solid color), or a plain handkerchief, or a cut piece of fabric from a t-shirt, sheet, pillowcase, etc. 
  • Items to decorate your challah cover may include sharpies, glitter glue, fabric paint, etc. 

How To:

  • Decide on your material and make sure it is washed and clean.
  • Gather your decorating supplies and get creative! Flowers, candlesticks, “Shabbat Shalom”, anything you would like to draw, design, or write to embellish and make your challah cover beautiful for Shabbat!
  • Take your time in decorating. Shabbat is special and your challah cover should be special too. 

** (Scroll down for photos to help you with the “How To” in making your challah cover – 2 photos) **

When the paint, markers, glitter, and all decorations that you made on your challah cover are dry, you may add your beautiful cover to your Shabbat Box.

The next part of our Shabbat Box project will be making candles and candlesticks. 

Until then, be creative, have fun, and stay safe and healthy!