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Toilet Paper/Paper Towel Roll Chanukah Menorah

Here is a fun and easy Chanukah menorah/decoration to make using materials that you can find around the house. No need to go out to a store in the midst of a pandemic!


  • 8 empty toilet paper rolls
  • One empty paper towel roll (Shamash – helper candle)
  • Assorted gift wrap paper
  • Clear scotch tape
  • Glue
  • Sissors 
  • Tissue Paper or Colored Construction Paper
  • Markers/Crayons

How to make this easy Chanukah Menorah:

  1. Take each empty toilet paper roll and wrap it with a piece of gift wrap or colored construction paper. Tape it together onto the cardboard roll.
  2. Take the empty paper towel roll and wrap it with gift wrap or colored construction paper. Tape it to the cardboard roll.
  3. Tape or glue 4 toilet paper rolls to one side of the “Shamash” tall paper towel roll – and tape or glue the other 4 toilet paper rolls to the other side of the “Shamash”.
  4. Tear pieces of tissue paper to put into each empty cardboard roll to be the flame OR cut out a flame from construction paper and tape to the top of the cardboard roll.
  5. Make a “banner” saying “Happy Chanukah” that can be colored with markers or crayons. (I added a few stickers I had too)

That is it! You are done and ready to proudly display your Chanukah Menorah!

**(scroll down for photos (2 photos-pages 3 and 4) to help you put your art project together)**

Have a fun, safe, and healthy Chanukah Holiday!